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Thread: needing help

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    BDE67 Guest

    needing help

    Hello .. i have a 17yr old son me and him got a mini stock from a man. he is wanting to come to oak level and race it on dirt . he hasnt raced before and we have an older car. it its a chevy monza has a 2500cc in it can any one give us some advice on any thing that well help him. or should he try asphalt first. my brother owned a race car that ran at oak level a few yrs ago so he said he could help but still wanted the inside on it.. and to make sure dirt is right for him.. thanks for any help on this .


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    racecort92 Guest

    Re: needing help

    If he wants to race on dirt, he might as well start on dirt, no point of learning habits from racing asphalt if dirt is where ya wanna be. Might as well start learning what you want to stick with, just my opinion.

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    BDE67 Guest

    Re: needing help

    didnt think of it that way thanks .

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