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Thread: Another great track!

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    Another great track!

    Gary and Alesia and Crew,
    Ya'll did it again! A well prepared track and great food. My family and I had a great time at RTR tonight and the track was great as usual. Great racing for the amount of cars that was there. I hope we can come up with something to get a few more cars. The fans are there. Talked to a lot of nice folks that love racing. Come on racers! Lets get some more cars there. I know its hard on Friday but we can do it. I am going to do my best to have mine ready in a few weeks and it sounds like the crate numbers are going to pick up. Great race in limited and renegades for a while. I would love to see about a dozen in each class. What a race that would be.

    Thanks and Good Luck,
    Keith Senter
    The Roundpeak Runaway

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    Re: Another great track!

    Im going to have my ucar up hopfully this weekend. that's if they can figure out why my flywheels keep breaking. and yeah was up there waching last night love track.

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