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Thread: Mooers Field - Richmond, VA

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    Mooers Field - Richmond, VA

    March 14, 1954 photo. Mooers Field Speedway - Richmond, Virginia. Off West Broad Street at end of Roseneath Road at Carlton in Richmond's near West End, just past Curles Neck Dairy and just before the Acca Railroad Yards (see background). Richmond Colts played baseball at Mooers Field before baseball in Richmond moved to Parker Field on The Boulevard in 1954. Paved weekly Richmond stock car racing eventually moved to Chesterfield County, Virginia's Southside Speedway, which originally opened as Royall Speedway. We used to sit in the dairy bar at Curles Neck Dairy on Saturday afternoon and watch the parade of what my dad called "jalopies" lined up to enter the track. The facility was leveled in 1958. I saw my first circus on the same grounds - the big tent show of Clyde Beatty/Cole Brothers sometime in the 50s. The original baseball grandstands are clearly visible in the racetrack photo.

    You'll notice on the Maryland Stock Car Racing Hall of Fame site for Johnny Roberts , that he is listed as having finished 3rd in NASCAR Sportsman standings at Mooers Field for the 1954 season.
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    Re: Mooers Field - Richmond, VA

    Really cool stuff!! Kinda reminds me of Flemington ("the Square") even tho I have never been to either one. Only photos.

    I'm not into stick and ball sports so I don't know if there are web sites for their history or not. I assume there is since there is more interest in ball sports than in racing. Reason being, I guess, is that they don't "teach" racing in school. But boy, imagine the possibilities if they did!!

    Never cared for the history they tried to teach us in school, Always liked racing history tho....

    Love the "old stuff" Keep up the good work!!

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