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Thread: Vintage Cars Coming

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    Vintage Cars Coming

    Hi Everyone, I'm Pat Templeton from Potomac Open Wheel Vintage Racing. Although our season is actually over, some of our guys and a another group from Penn-Mar Vintage racing will be coming down this Saturday Night.

    We will be bringing 9 vintage stockers and my lone midget to turn a few laps for your enjoyment. You can get a look at some of the cars coming at

    The stockers will put on a good show for you. We have cars coming in from as far away as Pittsburgh, PA. Some from Maryland, West Virginia, and others from Northern Virginia. We have invited folk from your area to join us, hopefully some will.

    I'll likely just turn a few laps and get out of thier way. If your there a little early, stop by to see us. I'll try to put my midget, once driven by Tony Stewart, in a place where the kids can take a turn sitting in the car.

    I met a few of you when I visited the track earlier in the year. I'll be sure to make my way up to the grandstand on the right just as you come in the gate, to say hello again.

    We will try to be crisp running our piece of the show. for you real racers, thanks for putting up with us.

    See you Saturday Night

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    Re: Vintage Cars Coming

    I Cant Wait To See Those Cars Go Around The Track Ive Always Loved The Old Cars Thats Where Drivers Were Made By Driving The Crap Out Of Those Machines

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    Re: Vintage Cars Coming

    Man that is goin to be a awesome treat for you guys there.Would love to see something like that around here.

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    Re: Vintage Cars Coming

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. We all had a great time. Just for info, Rick Paster, the winner of our feature never had that car on a track until hot laps on Saturday. I thought the battle for first and the battle for third were both great. I hope you all enjoyed them. If there are others there who would like to hook up with our club, you can contact me at

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