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Thread: Directions to Rolling Thunder Raceway from Martinsville

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    Directions to Rolling Thunder Raceway from Martinsville

    Come down 220 to the Martinsville bypass get on Hwy 58 towards Stuart. When you go by the Wal-Mart in Stuart go by the hospital at the top of the hill take the next left into town. When you come to the stop light turn left on rt 8 southfollow signs for rt 8 south out of town. Go about 5 miles out of town and turn right on Hwy 103. Follow for about 7 or 8 miles into a 45 MPH speed zone in Claudville. Take 1st right on Hwy 104 beside 103 sure stop store. Follow for 6 miles and you will come to Blue Ridge Elementary School. Turn right on Friends Mission rd just past the school and drive 1 1/2 miles track is on the left behind a white house with a green roof.

    Thanks to Poorboy44 for these directions !!!!!

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    Re: Directions to Rolling Thunder Raceway from Martinsville

    Need to correct 1 thing about the directions, on the 103 side it will be hwy 773 instead of 104. If you are coming from Mt. Airy it will be 104 in NC. Sorry about that.

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